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The human brain consists of trillions of brain cells, otherwise known as neurons. Synapses are what connects those neurons to each other. The growth rate of these in the first three years of a baby’s brain is rapid. We’re born with 50 trillion synapses which increases to around 1 000 trillion by the age of three. This demonstrates how vital it is to stimulate the development of the brain through sensory toys in Aus. As a result, the experiences of the child add to or modify the synapses in the brain. Baby sensory play stimulates the child’s senses through various toys. Kidd & Co is a children’s concept store that stocks a huge catalogue of toys for toddlers with a sensory processing disorder.

Benefits of Sensory Toys for Special Needs Children

Across the globe, children struggle with learning as fast as others. It simply means that processing information relating to their senses is more difficult for them. Play time, in general, is critical for the development of the child’s brain. They tap into their creative ability and begin building their cognitive, linguistic, social, spatial and emotional skills. As a parent, you can acquire baby sensory toys to make the child aware of their bodies and their senses.

  • One of the primary benefits of sensory play is its contribution to early childhood development. It will assist with improving their fine and gross motor skills alongside cognitive ability and language development, including problem-solving skills and social interaction. When they use sensory toys, they engage their muscles and learn to shape, mould, scoop and splash. Furthermore, children learn from observing so if you immerse yourself in their playtime, they discover how to handle various materials and shapes. Their verbal and non-verbal skills also develop, and based on their reaction with certain toys, you gain information about their personalities and preferences.
  • When you expose babies and toddlers to several toys that aren’t appealing to their senses, it’s easy for them to feel overwhelmed, anxious and frustrated. Investing some time in sensory play for preschoolers is an ideal way to calm them down. A typical example of sensory play calming children down is water play during bath time. You will find that children are generally sleepy after a bath because they’ve used up their energy splashing around. This is proof that sensory play regulates discomfort and agitation. It is advisable to engage them in sensory play before bed to ensure they get a restful sleep. 
  • Our world consists of items with varying textures. When your child plays with an object that is wet, cold or sticky, they develop an understanding of the characteristics of certain objects. Furthermore, they learn new attributes of various objects and store it in their memory. In terms of memory, doing the same activity repeatedly, improves their memory. 

What You Should Know About Sensory Toys in Perth

While it’s acceptable to acquire babies sensory toys and allow them to experiment with it by themselves, when you involve yourself in their sensory playtime, you increase the speed at which they learn as they will copy your behaviour. For this reason, you should create time to engage in sensory play with your child, regardless of their age, to aid in their learning abilities and general health. These are some of the ways you can integrate yourself in their sensory play.

  • If you’re on a budget, you don’t have to buy sensory toys to improve your child’s development. You can use inexpensive household items such as a pot, a spoon, straws, or a paper towel roll. A prime example would be taking spaghetti and a colander and instructing the child to push the noodles through the holes. It’s a simple yet effective way of providing them with a sensory toy of your own. 
  • You can use playdough or baking fondant to enhance your child’s sense of touch. It takes time to mould and shape these materials into an object which teaches them the art of patience. Don’t discourage messy sensory play as your child will benefit significantly from channelling their creativity. Additionally, it creates an ideal space for bonding with your little one. 
  • Create a sensory board with your child and have them collect various items throughout the house that stimulates their senses. Always make sure the items are safe and allow them time to feel the texture. Attach these objects onto a board and ask your child various questions regarding each item. Ask them how does the object feel, what does it look like, does it produce any smells or sounds, and how does it taste? This assists in developing their senses and their linguistic skills. 

Tips for Buying Sensory Touch Toys

With an array of sensory toys available, it’s confusing for you as a parent to select the perfect option for your child. Bear in mind, there is no blanket solution to identifying the ideal sensory toy. You must understand the child’s needs and requirements and acquire toys that speak to their personalities. When you are looking to buy sensory wooden toys, consider these tips before you make the purchase:

  • Regardless of your child’s learning ability, sensory toys will improve their cognitive function. Explore the possibility of acquiring a beanbag for them to sit on and play with that offers a different texture for them to feel. Perhaps the addition of a swing is advisable to teach them about movement. These are the types of toys you should obtain to enable children to learn about their senses. 
  • A child’s imagination is like no other. Their minds have not yet been tainted by the realities that adults have to face. It’s advisable to source toys and products that appeal to their imagination. Additionally, you should indulge them at playtime and nudge them to prepare a cup of tea for you in their toy kitchen. Identifying costumes is another way to tap into their imagination and allow it to run free. 
  • Puzzles are a suitable source of fun and mental development as it doesn’t involve complicated instructions. Sensory toys with a cause-and-effect ability are appropriate for them to discover that their actions usually have a reaction or effect.

Why Trust Kidd & Co Regarding Sensory Outdoor Play

We are a children’s concept store based in Bunbury, Western Australia. You can visit our physical location on Victoria Street to allow your child to view and play with the toys that appeal to them. Alternatively, you could browse our online store for sensory toys, clothing and other relevant items for parents. Everything that you require to stimulate your child’s mental and physical growth you will find in our vast catalogue of items. 

We stock products that are of the highest quality and import them from countries around the world. When you shop online, we offer you a few ways to purchase now and pay later such as AfterPay, Zippay and Lay Buy and if you place your order before 11 AM Western Australian Standard Time, we dispatch the package immediately for same-day shipping. Additionally, if your order exceeds $190, we’ll cover the delivery costs. Contact us if you have any questions or would like to place an order via the telephone. Our staff are always willing to assist you to find appropriate hand-made wooden toys or organic clothing.