Size 00000 Baby Clothes Australia

Find a Range of Size 00000 Baby Clothes at Our Store in Australia

Having a premature baby is a stressful experience which becomes even more difficult when you cannot find suitable size 00000 baby clothes in Australia. At Kidd & Co we have tiny sizes and other products ideal for preemies.

The Importance of Size 00000 Baby Clothes

Premature babies are vastly different from full-term babies, and as such, their needs differ considerably. We are proud to stock a range of products for premature babies to ensure your preemie journey is just a little bit easier. We know how scary it can be.

  • Size 0000 baby clothes are vitally important as they are made specifically for premature babies. Making sure your preemie is appropriately and comfortably dressed has several benefits such as improved thermoregulation which makes sure your little one stays warm and does not lose body heat.
  • These tiny babies can overheat quickly and also feel cold much faster than other babies. Layers of clothing, for example, a vest, romper or onesie with a cardigan, makes removing or adding items much less of a hassle.
  • More than twenty-six thousand premature babies are born in Australia each year. Still, there is not a big market for baby clothes in size 00000, which is why we aim to provide a range of premature baby clothes and products to make sure your little one feels safe and comfortable. 

Related Services We Provide

We don’t only stock baby clothing but also provide an extensive range of utensils, accessories and toys and are here for the whole journey from birth to childhood. 

  • We stock a range of beautiful décor items so your little ones will always have the most stylishly decorated rooms. From bedding and cushions to mobiles, playmats and wall hangings, our range of décor has something to suit every theme.
  • Our customers adore our range of toys that includes beach toys, dolls, games, and educational toys; we also have a lovely range of books. Your children’s toy basket will always be well-stocked, and we are a one-stop shop for birthday and Christmas presents.
  • We have not forgotten about the parents; we offer baby bags, breastfeeding items, journals, and body care products for adults. We also have a convenient gift registry service for baby showers and birthday parties, making sure you will always get what you want and need. 

Why Choose Kidd & Co?

Apart from our extensive selection of premature sizes, ensuring comfortable and gorgeous, natural clothing. We supply everything you need for your little ones for bedtime, bath time and playtime. Our physical shop in Bunbury is open seven days a week, and our online shop is available 24/7 for your convenience. We also have a returns policy in case you are not fully satisfied with your purchase. 

Please contact us for more information on our products or sign up for a gift registry online.