It’s all about adorable accessories

While a tiny jumper, a little dress or a miniature pair of shoes are just too cute for words, it’s the baby accessories that win the award for most adorable — specifically, baby headbands. No words can describe how absolutely adorable a newborn looks with a simple bow in their hair or a headband that matches their romper. With a range of organic baby bows and headbands from various well-known brands, Kidd & Co is the best place to shop for natural baby head accessories. 

The cutest, comfiest organic baby headbands

As a boutique that specialises in stocking only natural and organic products for babies and children, we are sure to have the perfect organic cotton baby headbands to suit your little one’s personality. At Kidd & Co, we understand the importance of dressing your baby in natural and organic clothing to protect their sensitive skin from any harmful chemicals — and our baby headbands are no exception.

From 100% organic cotton muslin bows to organic cotton yarn headbands, soft stretch nylon elastic bows, the finest quality 100% cotton knit head wraps and so much more, our collection has something for every outfit. And who says baby headbands were purely decorative? Take a look at our exquisite top-knot turban headbands for a headpiece that will also keep your newborn’s head warm and protected when you’re out and about. Whatever you’re looking for, you’ll find it at Kidd & Co.

The place to go for organic cotton baby headbands

Whether you’re looking for a thoughtful gift for expecting parents or you’re after the perfect headwear for your little one, you won’t be disappointed in our carefully curated range of baby headbands. Browse our collection online today and enjoy free same-day shipping on all orders over $150 when you place an order before 11 am.

If you have any questions about our adorable organic baby bows and headbands, please don’t hesitate to reach out to someone from our experienced customer service team for assistance. We’re always happy to help you find just what you need.


What colours and styles of organic baby headbands does Kidd & Co offer?

At Kidd & Co, our collection of organic baby headbands has been thoughtfully curated to include only the best natural and organic baby products. This is why you’ll find a wide range of top quality baby headpieces in all sorts of colours and styles. From bright, floral top-knot turban headbands to dainty velvet bows, headbands that match with some of the clothing items we stock and so much more. Whatever colour, style and pattern you’re looking for, you’re sure to find it at Kidd & Co.

Why should I purchase organic baby bows with Kidd & Co?

Kidd & Co is committed to stocking items for babies and children that are not only stylish and cute but also good for their sensitive skin. Unlike adult’s skin, young skin is more sensitive and absorbent. This is why it’s important to dress your little one in clothing and accessories that are made from natural and organic fabrics — like the organic baby headbands and bows in our online store.

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