Organic & Eco Soft Toys

A beautiful range of eco soft toys  

Make playtime magical with the range of natural soft toys from Kidd & Co. With fairytale characters like princesses and ballerinas, fierce lions, sweet bunnies and bashful puppies, children’s imaginations will run wild and be delighted by these friendly figures. Whether you’re searching for a gift or are a parent looking for a safe organic teddy bear, our collection features the best organic soft toys from global brands for companions they’ll treasure for years to come. 

The best place to find soft toys online for eco-conscious parents

We know parents want the very best for their children, which is why we are proud to offer an excellent selection of organic cotton soft toys from renowned global and local brands. Not only is our range of organic cotton stuffed animals friendlier to the environment thanks to natural materials, but it is the perfect toy to be close to your baby’s skin as it’s made from soft and gentle fabrics. 

You’ll love our range of organic stuffed animals because they are crafted from only natural fibres and materials, making them a safe choice to be placed in cribs and given to very young children and newborns. The collection of soft toys from brands like Alimrose, OB Designs and Jellycat feature original and charming designs your child will love to spend time with. Their sweet, friendly faces and silky soft finishes make them the perfect gift for any child. 

Shop sustainable, old-fashioned toys from Kidd & Co

Kidd & Co are committed to providing the highest quality kid’s toys, clothing and accessories made from natural, environmentally friendly materials and with sustainability in mind. Our range of organic and natural soft toys, clothing and more has a nostalgic feel to it, with no plastic in sight, but instead, charming organic cotton stuffed animals and wooden and felt toys that can be passed down from your children to their own one day. From essentials for babies and kids to beguiling gifts and toys, you’ll find everything you need right here in our online store. Need to know more about a product, shipping or delivery? Get in touch with our team today. 


Are organic soft toys better for babies and kids? 

Yes. Because young children and babies have softer, more delicate and absorbent skin than adults, they must be protected from harmful chemicals that might irritate or otherwise risk their skin’s healthy development. 

What type of organic baby soft toys does Kidd & Co sell? 

Our range features beautifully crafted characters that babies and children will love to play and soothe themselves with. Browse cute critters, loveable characters and organic cotton stuffed animals with built-in comforters that they’ll love. 

Why should I buy organic cotton soft toys from Kidd & Co? 
By choosing an eco stuffed animal or soft toy that is made from soft, natural fibres and created without the use of harmful pesticides and harsh chemicals, you can ensure that your child can safely play and snuggle with their beloved soft toy.

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