Make playtime even more unforgettable with stimulating and mesmerising eco-friendly toys your little one won’t be able to put down. With the most adorable organic plushies, fun wooden train sets, colourful building bricks, and other eco-friendly children’s toys, Kidd & Co is your one-stop shop for high-quality playthings. 

A gorgeous range of eco-friendly kids’ toys for all the ages

No matter their age, as a parent, you always want the best for your child — even when they are mature and have their own family. So, whether you are shopping for your fast-growing toddler, newborn grandchild or a friend’s kiddo, buying eco-friendly kids’ toys offers a safer and more sustainable alternative for playtime.

At Kidd & Co, we have done the groundwork for you and selected only the best organic and sustainable toys from premium Australian and international brands. On our website, you’ll find irresistible eco-friendly baby, toddler and kids' toys from Jellycat, Purebaby, Sun Jellies, Djeco, Le Toy Van and other sustainable kids’ brands.

Educational, eco-friendly toys to help your child develop

Offering your little one eco-friendly toys that are simple in their design can also further their emotional and intellectual development. Overstimulation and chaotic playthings with excessive gadgets can lead to a negative neurological impact while playing with “basic” toys will naturally stimulate their creativity and imagination. Traditional toys also encourage collaborative playing, helping your tot learn how to interact with others in the process. 

Buy eco-friendly toys at Kidd & Co for a lifetime of play

When you think back to your favourite plaything when you were a child, was it a gorgeous-looking wooden toy, an elegantly crafted stuffed animal, an old-fashioned doll, or was it a disposable plastic one? We are willing to bet it wasn’t the latter. Choose to give your child the same invaluable experience of a simple toy that stays with them through a lifetime of incredible adventures — real or imagined!

Shop our eco-friendly children’s toys today or start a gift registry if you are an expecting parent. With many more products to choose from, including clothing, decor and mealtime accessories, stocking up on sustainably-produced children’s products has never been easier.


Why are eco-friendly kids’ toys better than conventional ones?

Eco-friendly toys are safer, longer-lasting, and better for the environment. They also encourage creativity and original play. Our eco-friendly toys are devoid of unsafe dyes, paints, and chemicals. Instead, they are sturdy, durable and made with sustainable materials or recycled plastic. Our toys are good for your little one and our planet.

Are wooden toys safer than plastic toys?

Eco-friendly wooden toys are safer than plastic alternatives because they are less likely to harm your child. More durable by construction, if they do break, they don’t have jagged, sharp edges. At Kidd & Co, all our eco-friendly wooden toys are coated in a natural, water-based paint that is safe for kids to touch and play with and won’t harm our environment.

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