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    Newborn changes made easy with organic baby kimonos

    After bringing a newborn into the world, there are plenty of changes to grapple with — managing sleep, feeding and everything in between!

    One major part of your new routine with a baby is changing their clothing. This can often be a bit of a tricky dance as you try to carefully maneuver a precious little body into a onesie. At Kidd & Co, we stock a range of organic baby kimono onesies to help make life a tiny bit easier. Our kimonos for newborns are designed with chest snap clips positioned to the side, which makes for a smoother change. Parents don’t have to struggle with trying to fit an outfit over a baby’s head. Additionally, the side clips mean the sensitive stomach area won’t be aggravated by middle positioned zippers or buttons.

    Soft, organic materials for an eco-conscious wardrobe

    At Kidd & Co, we know how important the environment is to our customers. That’s why we make eco-conscious practices a priority. Our range of organic baby kimonos has been made using ethical organic cotton material. We also work hard to stock brands that hold the same sustainable and environmentally friendly values as us. When shopping for kimono onesies for newborns, you’ll discover trusted brands like Wilson & Frenchy and Nature Baby.

    Discover organic baby kimonos at Kidd & Co

    Stock up on baby kimono onesies to fill your wardrobe with essentials you’ll reach for every time. At Kidd & Co, you’ll be able to select from a range of quality, eco-friendly, organic baby kimonos from the best sustainable babywear brands on the market.

    Once you’ve placed an organic cotton baby kimono in your basket, be sure to grab some other must-haves, including baby muslin wraps, nursery decor and newborn baby journals. Find everything you need from one convenient online location and enjoy free shipping on all orders over $150.

    If you have any questions about our products, delivery, or other queries, feel free to get in contact with someone from our Kidd & Co team today.


    What materials are Kidd & Co organic baby kimonos made of?

    At Kidd & Co, we are dedicated to stocking environmentally-friendly products — that’s why we stock baby kimono onesies made from organic cotton. 

    Why are kimonos for newborns easier to put on babies?

    It can often be a little challenging trying to dress a delicate newborn, especially when trying to fit clothing over their heads. A kimono onesie is a great option, as you can easily dress your newborn by simply placing their arms in the sleeves and fastening the side snap clips.

    What brands and designs of organic baby kimonos do Kidd & Co sell?

    When shopping for kimono onesies for newborns, you’ll find items from trusted eco-friendly brands Wilson & Frenchy and Nature Baby. Our versatile range also includes organic baby kimono shirts in long-sleeve and short-sleeve styles. We are constantly updating our stock with new products, so be sure to check back in regularly to be the first to snap them up!