Durable and stylish organic baby bibs

All parents will agree that finding high-quality and durable baby bibs is essential to purchase when raising a little one. Whether your child is trying solids for the first time or you simply need an extra layer of protection, at Kidd & Co we have thoughtfully curated a collection of eco-friendly organic baby bibs. Made from a variety of different materials, adorable patterns and intuitive designs, they’re the perfect addition to any mealtime.

Browse a collection of eco-friendly bibs today

At Kidd & Co you’ll be able to discover a range of eco-friendly baby bibs in a variety of different styles to suit your needs. If you’re looking for organic baby bandana bibs shop the Toshi 100% organic cotton range with adjustable sizing and absorbent fleece padding. When serving your child messy foods and wet goods, you may want to consider an organic bib from the Snuggly Honey Kids collection. These beautiful bibs are waterproof, BPA and Phthalate free and come with a convenient built-in pocket to catch any spills or overflow.

Find organic bibs for your baby at Kidd & Co

Stock up on durable and stylish mealtime accessories by shopping our range of eco-friendly bibs at Kidd & Co today. Discover a variety of products, including organic baby bandana bibs, organic cotton bibs, organic dribble bibs and waterproof designs. When browsing our online store, you’ll find all of your baby and children’s necessities, including kids clothing, accessories, bath time toys, nursery decor and parent must-haves.

If you’re expecting a little one soon, make sure to sign up to Kidd & Co for your gift registry by accessing our easy to navigate website here. If you have any questions about our products or services, reach out to someone from our friendly Kidd & Co team today.


What materials are Kidd & Co organic bibs made of?

At Kidd & Co, we stock organic baby bibs suitable for many different needs. Our collection includes Toshi organic bibs made from 100% organic cotton and are perfect for catching dribble or food. For options to keep your baby clean during messy mealtimes, shop the Snuggle Hunny Kids waterproof bibs made from a mixture of baby-safe PU and 100% cotton fabric and are BPA and Phthalate free.

What type of organic bibs does Kidd & Co offer?

All of the products we stock in our collection are organic and eco-friendly baby bib options. Feel confident when purchasing baby bibs from Kidd & Co, knowing these products are made using 100% organic cotton and materials free from nasty chemicals.

What bib brands and designs does Kidd & Co sell?

When browsing our online store, you’ll find a collection of organic baby bibs that have not only been sourced from trusted eco-friendly brands, but they’ll make your baby look adorable too. At Kidd & Co we stock eco-friendly bibs from leading labels, including Toshi and Snuggle Hunny Kids. You’ll also find a range of cute designs like organic baby bandana bibs and waterproof bibs with sweet frills and patterns.

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