Get lost in our children’s book nook and discover a wide array of kids’ books to help your little one fall in love with reading and its infinite magical worlds. At Kidd & Co, we have assembled a fascinating and engaging collection of reading books for kids that has something for everyone’s taste.

Browse our curated selection of kids’ books

Whether you have a voracious reader that loves embarking on knightly pursuits and magical adventures or a young scientist in disguise who’s eager to learn everything about the natural world and its living beings, you’ll find the perfect book for them at Kidd & Co. Stocking activity books and storybooks for kids of all ages, illustrated classic novels for older ones, and educational material on flowers, insects, butterflies and other living and natural elements of our world, we truly have it all.

Quality educational books to read for kids

By shopping our kids’ books collection, you don’t have to worry about the quality of the physical book or the creative words within it. Carefully hand-selected to ensure their educational value and sustainable production, we offer books for kids that will delight and inspire while being environmentally conscious.

Create lasting memories

Read aloud with your little one snuggled up to you, or see them get lost in a world of their own — magical memories are made either way. Just think about your childhood. We know there are at least a couple of stories you still remember fondly. Whether you are shopping for your children or family and friends, choose to gift books for kids’ birthdays or holidays and open up doorways to imaginary worlds and long-lasting memories. 

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When looking for wonderful storybooks, fascinating science reads and cool activity books for kids of all ages, there is no better place to shop than Kidd & Co. We offer our carefully curated collection of kids’ books alongside a beautiful range of organic baby and children’s clothing, eco toys, mealtime accessories and decor items — so shop for all your little one’s needs online with us today. 


What is the best age to start reading books?

There is no hard and fast rule on the right time to start reading books for kids, but we encourage you to begin as early as possible. Babies as young as 6 months can already enjoy the bonding activity of being read to. Making it a consistent practice will encourage their interest in books later on in life.

What are the differences between picture books and chapter books?

Books to read for kids come in a wide variety of styles and formats. Picture books are perfect as a kid’s first book as they’re mainly visual and don’t require developed reading skills. For kids, illustrations in picture books are equally as important, if not more so than words. On the other hand, chapter books are usually intended for intermediate readers. They are longer, and their storyline is more complex, so they are divided into chapters.

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