Cute and Colourful Baby Girl Clothes to Keep your Child Trending this Season

Kidd & Co offers handpicked baby girl clothes that truly reflect the essence of childhood, and combine high quality, with comfortable design and style that your little one will love to wear. We source our ethically produced clothing ranges worldwide, inspired by our globally rich heritage and cultures. View our exciting items that have just arrived, in our online store.

Tips to Consider When Buying Baby Clothes for Girls

Shopping for your little one should be an exciting experience, but all the available options can often cause confusion. We’ve picked our favourite tips when choosing your toddler’s outfits to counteract any misperceptions.

  • With so many adorable clothes for baby girls available, it’s tempting to dress your little one more for charm than function. This temptation leads to your child wearing impractical outfits that look adorable but hinder their everyday exploration. A basic tip is to consider the setting for the outfit, and not merely their appearance. Many girls’ baby clothes unintentionally restrict movement, even when the item fits properly.
  • Childhood is all about engaging in experimentation and exploration. Certain clothes discourage engagement if the parents consider them expensive or special outfits. Everyday clothing should not prevent activity in the name of preservation; if you feel uncomfortable with the clothing getting wet or dirty, then it’s possibly not a suitable outfit for early childhood.
  • Baby girl new-born clothes should neutralise the weather, and children deserve to experience fluctuating weather patterns as enjoyable and safe. Clothes possess the ability to make any type of weather fun for kids, and our range caters for all seasons to keep your little one comfortable.
  • Our children arrive into this world with a primary set of tools for exploration, their senses. The sensory input of touch helps your little one form a basic understanding of the world around her, so it makes sense to incorporate this when buying baby girls’ clothes too. Feeling the fabric’s texture and checking for scratchy elements or coarse stitching ensures that the article of clothing respects your child’s sense of touch. This will assist in your child feeling good not only physically, but also emotionally, as these uncomfortable elements frustrate children who cannot articulate what’s bothering them.
  • Your child is a brand-new arrival on a fascinating planet and has plenty to take in. We do not have to inspire our children’s curiosity as their natural eagerness to explore tends to take over. We are, however, responsible for removing obstacles that may hinder their discoveries, and this includes clothing. Your child’s clothing should not be a distraction during their daily activities.

The Importance of Sustainable Baby Girl Clothes for a New-born

Our process of sustainability involves sourcing suppliers who are as passionate about eco-friendly practises as we are. The clothing trade is one of the biggest economic players in the market that impacts humans and the environment. Understanding the industry and its practises is vital for consumers to change and evolve for the better.

  • When opting for sustainable clothing for your little one, you are rewarded with instant gratification for supporting the greater good of the planet. Your purchase makes a difference in the world and puts substantial pressure on mainstream manufacturers to incorporate more sustainable practices in their supply chain.
  • You make a positive environmental impact when opting for sustainable products. These products aim to reduce the world’s water pollution, carbon emissions, and excess waste. Mainstream clothing dyes release harmful chemicals into the environment, which negatively impacts Australian eco-systems. Maintenance is greener on sustainable clothes as they require special care. This care means washing clothes in cold water, no tumble drying, and no chemical-filled detergents, which all help to reduce our carbon footprint.
  • A sustainable business model provides fair labour practices and proper wages to all employees that work in the production sector. Conventional textile workers are regularly exposed to harmful chemicals and toxins, in hazardous working conditions, and often don’t receive adequate compensation. We ensure that all our suppliers meet the criteria for ethical workplace practises.
  • Sustainable newborn baby girl clothes are synonymous with good quality materials and superior manufacturing procedures. Eco-friendly fabrics are generally softer and stronger than most traditional, mass-produced garments, and tend to last longer. Many people experience allergic reactions from chemical dyes in conventional clothes. Organic clothing looks after your baby’s health and well-being and is gentle on tender skin.

What You Can Expect from Kidd & Co Regarding Girl Baby Clothes and Related Products

We meticulously source our products to offer numerous benefits for yourself and your little one.

  • For the children. We understand what’s essential to your children: unrestricted comfort paired with colourful patterns. Consequently, we use an imaginative and fun method when sourcing our clothing and accessories, while guaranteeing comfort with soft, natural materials.
  • For the parents. We realise that your little girls are always busy, but we also know that you want them always looking their best. We fuse functionality and fashion trends, ensuring that our offering consists of high quality, timeless pieces that will outlast your child’s growth phase.
  • For the teachers. Our range of educational toys and games will keep your kids stimulated while building their cognitive functions. Our range of toys encourages and supports children’s natural desire to play in an early learning centre.

About Kidd & Co

At Kidd & Co, we offer sustainably and ethically sourced clothes for your baby girl or boy, accessories for kids, and educational toys and games for toddlers. We source our brands from around the world, to bring you a comprehensive children’s store, packed with exciting goodies. Our gift registry takes the guesswork out of buying presents for our expectant mothers, while our user-friendly online store offers same-day shipping, which is free with orders over $190. We offer a plethora of payment methods to suit your preferences for ease of shopping. If you prefer shopping in a physical shop, we’re located in an easily accessible location on Victoria Street in Bunbury. For more information on any of our products, contact us.

Sweet and simple — organic baby girl clothing made for real life

While it may be tempting to opt for form over function when it comes to baby girl clothing, it’s important that your little one can move freely and comfortably when dressed — something that girl’s clothing can restrict even with properly fitted garments. At Kidd & Co, we carefully selected our collection of organic baby girl clothing for their adorable details and soft and practical designs. Gentle, natural fabrics and loose, flowing cuts mean your child will always be comfortable in a breathable and velvety smooth material that will stand the test of time. 

Shop organic baby girl clothes for all seasons and occasions

No matter what the occasion is you’re celebrating, you’ll find premium quality baby girl clothes in our extensive selection that offers both local and global brands. Enjoy our quality finish onesies and sleepwear perfect for every day, and keep them protected from the elements in warming jackets and jumpers and cosy pants. In the summertime, keep them cool with airy tops and sun-safe swimwear they can splash around in all day long. In all of our garments, you’ll find the same excellent attention to detail and premium natural fabrics that are safe to be worn close to your baby’s skin in any type of weather. 

Our collection of beautiful dresses is perfect for celebrations, parties and gatherings of all kinds, while our selection from trusted brands like Minihaha, Wilson & Frenchy, The Rest and Minti use the highest quality materials. Each piece is durable and sturdy, so you can trust that our dresses will stand up nicely to everyday mess and frequent washes. 

For everything baby, choose Kidd & Co

With an extensive range of clothing, accessories and toys for babies and children, Kidd & Co makes it easy for parents to find everything they need. Our entire range champions sustainability, natural materials and organic fibres to save your little one from exposure to potentially damaging chemicals and harsh artificial fibres that can hurt their skin. To find out more about our commitment to environmentally friendly and ethically made baby girl clothing, get in touch with our team today. 


What materials does Kidd & Co use to create organic baby girl clothing?

Kidd & Co’s selection of baby girl clothes features organically brushed and slub cotton, jersey, delicate linen and soft cotton knit fibres. The result is garments that will stand the test of time and feel wonderfully soft next to your little one’s skin.  

Why should I choose Kidd & Co’s organic baby girl clothes? 

Because baby’s skin is still developing and is substantially more absorbent than adult skin, it’s vital that they are nourished and protected. Organic, natural materials are free from harmful chemicals and residual pesticides that may be present in other fabrics and irritate the skin, causing eczema, dryness and sensitivity. 

What brands and designs of organic and eco-friendly baby girl clothes do Kidd & Co sell? 

Kidd & Co carry sweet designs that range from whimsical to cheeky. You’ll love the playful offerings from premium labels Kapow, Nature Baby, Bebe, Rock Your Baby Peggy, Toshi and PureBaby that can be found in our online boutique.

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