Premmie Babys 1st Bath

Publish date is:   Jun 5, 2016 @ 23:50   There are links but no photos in this one

Bathing a newborn is daunting enough for most people, most men don't even like holding newborns incase they 'break' them.  

Bathing a baby who only weighs 1.8kg and their head can fit in your hand, takes the "I'm going to break this baby" to a whole new level.  

Isabelle was 3 weeks old when she was given her fist bath. It was such an awesome experience and so bloody scary at the same time.  Isabelle was a lover of water from the moment she was born.  She loved her first bath, didn't cry or get that starfish body freeze scare they get, she just laid there and looked at me.  

Penelope was exactly the same though she was 5 weeks old when she got her first bath, due to her being on CPAP and HHF for longer.  She loved it just as much as Isabelle did.  In fact Penelope actually fell asleep during her first bath she was that relaxed.

They get baths every 2 days in hospital, and the way I had to hold them, I honestly thought they would slide out of my hands.  Their neck rests on your wrist with your thumb over their shoulder and your hand under their armpit.  It isn't easy, it's awkward but so amazing at the same time.  That feeling of being able to finally give your child a bath is a moment I will never forget.

The first time Greg bathed Isabelle she did a poo in the water.  Laugh, oh I couldn't stop.  Here's Greg with his massive hands holding Isabelle with poo floating.  Their poo and I am going to be detailed, looks like scrambled eggs due to the added calories.   He pulled her out of the water that quick i don't think the poo had even floated to the top.

I still struggle to write these posts, I actually struggle to talk to people about some of my experiences in NICU.  I can talk about it, but I still choke up and find it hard to swallow.  We truely are blessed to have two healthy girls both born at 28+4 weeks gestation and be as energetic and happy as they are.

Here are some sneaky pics of the girls and you will get an understanding of just how tiny they were.

Isabelle was 38weeks gestation here and being bathed at home.

This was Penelope's first bath at 33 weeks gestation.

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