Lip Tie & Tongue Tie

Jun 5, 2016 @ 23:49

Isn't it funny how two pregnancies are NEVER THE SAME, even though the parents haven't changed?  Isabelle is so different from Penelope yet they are so similar.

Isabelle hated being swaddled from the moment we came home, Penelope still has to be swaddled for her to fall asleep.  Both hate taking a bottle, so it is breastfeeding all the way.  Which is great, but it is so tiring as I am the only one who can feed her.  Isabelle had a dummy for about 2 months, Penelope chokes if i give her one.  And how they feed is so different.

I remember in hospital with Isabelle, she would make this clicking noise when breastfeeding.  I had the lactation nurse come and see me when i was feeding her one day so she could listen to what i was talking about.  She reached over and started manually expressing my boob to see what my flow was like.  Ummm I nearly died from embarrassment.  I mean, loosing my dignity in the labour room was enough, but to have a lady reach over and milk my boob like I was a cow at the dairy was taking it to the next level.  Milk flow was fine and she said Isabelle would 'grow out of' the clicking noise.  Well November came around, Isabelle was 5 months old or 3 months corrected, and it hadn't got any better.  I would have to have a towel under head her to feed her.  I thought it was because my milk was in over supply, when in actual fact she wasn't latching properly and she was dribbling a lot of my milk.  She always had wind and it got to a stage where I had blisters on my nipples from her not latching properly.  The one thing to look for to see if they are getting your fore milk or the hind milk is, the hind milk will give them poo with what looks like sesame seeds in it, fore milk will just be frothy. Isabelle's poo was frothy until she had the procedure.

So I did a self Dr Google diagnoses on Isabelle and took her to the health nurse, then to my doctor and was then referred to a specialist.  4 weeks later, she had her lip tie and tongue tie lasered off.  They were great, we sat down and went through all the pros and cons about having the procedure done.  I didn't hesitate and they did it an hour later for me.  Instant change in her feeding.  Wish it happened months earlier though.

Penelope on the other hand, completely different.  The first time she latched, I nearly went through the bloody roof!  OMG Isabelle's latch was never that strong, I thought Penelope had sucked my boob off my chest and I may have said a swear word when she did it in the hospital.... She empties my boob with each feed, she doesn't have milk going everywhere and doesn't have much wind either.  She does like to have screaming matches though, if something I have eaten hasn't agreed with her, but otherwise her feeding is good.

Always check with your doctor and health nurse about lip and tongue tie.  The main one that goes unnoticed is the lip tie, and a posterior tongue tie.  Those are the two that Isabelle had and they can lead to life changing problems such as speech issues and the inability to use the tongue to eat food properly which could result in sensory issues.  [This is the information which was given to me when I took Isabelle in for her procedure.]  

Obviously all doctors are different and have different views, but shit, if your nipples are blistered and milk goes everywhere and your baby makes a clicking noise when they latch then get it looked at.  You still want nipples at the end of breastfeeding.

Penelope is 5 months old now and 2 months corrected and I am still breastfeeding her every 3-5 hours.  And some days those sesame seeds seem to come up the front and back like bloody body paint. 


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