Jun 5, 2016 @ 23:51

What a month!

The lead up to opening my online shop felt like eternity and now I've blinked and it's February.  

So much has happened, Isabelle grew over 10mm, cut all four molars and decided she wants to have more milk and not eat.  Did I mention she only wants to drink milk out of a bottle and eat grapes from the fridge, testing when you also have a 6 month old too.  But it's fun, so much fun, who would have thought that with all the crying and red eyes and yawning that being a parent could be this much fun and rewarding.  Isabelle is a chatterbox and learns a new word everyday, and Penelope just seems to change everyday.

So my first month as an online shop owner and I can't believe the support I have received.  Yes I have had sleepless nights inputting all the data and changing the style of my site about a hundred times, and yes I look after the website, with the help of my mum at times. Who I love dearly and appreciate all her help, even with the two hour time difference and emergency calls late at night.  But little old me with 2 under 2, has input all the data and made sure you are able to shop with ease.  Coming in late in the season I have missed a few orders.  But tomorrow I am heading to Perth to look at next Summers range and OMG I am in love with the look books.  I will be extending my sizes up to 7 years old.  So from SS16 I will have Premmie right through to 7 year olds.  I will still have my small businesses stock, why you ask? Well we all have to start somewhere.  These big businesses didn't get to where they are today without the aid of shops like us.  So I will continue to stand by my word and support small SAHM & Dad's where I can.

Thank you for your on going support and remember always shop small and local. xxAlly

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