Expressing -  

By Ally Filinski 

Waking up at 2am to a crying baby, most walk over to them with half an eye open put them on the boob and when they're finished back to bed.... Try waking up to a screaming alarm that has the option of snooze (I would advise only hitting snooze once, don't accidentally bump that off swipe like I did last night and that's why I sit here in pain writing this post.)  Expressing is time consuming and draining.  As a premmie mum and not having my babies with me for the first 8 weeks, you can call me daisy and I am permanently attached to my spectra S2.  Every 3 hours during the day and 4 hours over night.  Don't plan to do anything that takes longer then an hour, cause 3 hourly is from when you start pumping, not when you finish.  I can only speak about my experience, but I have a huge milk supply and Dolly Parton arrives if I don't express regularly.

One piece of advice that I will share and its something I was taught in hospital and this is only for breastfeeding mums, your milk has two layers, foremilk and hind milk.  The fore milk is more watery and your hind milk is the creamy part that fattens them up.  If you do have a huge supply and bub is always hungry, try expressing, either manually or with a pump, just to take a bit off the foremilk.  So when your baby is feeding you know they will get to your hind milk, especially if they are small and don't have the energy to suck like a full term baby does.  Your milk actually fills up within 30mins of feeding so you wont ever drain your boobs.

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