Jun 5, 2016 @ 23:53

The age old question, can you have a coffee when you're pregnant?  

Nurses give you those papers, in the early days of being pregnant, saying what you can and can't eat during your pregnancy due to risk of salmonella and that, but coffee?  

I drank the same amount of coffee when I was pregnant as I did before I was pregnant, though these days i drink twice as much just to keep my damn eyes open for 15 hours.   But they say you shouldn't drink any more then 200mg a day.  I have one of those Nespresso machines and a capsule is 60mg, which means my 4 cups a day is perfect!  Yes there are people doing studies saying that it leads to obesity in the long term of children and that babies are born tiny if you drink it.  Well even though I had my girls early it had nothing to do with the coffee and no they weren't tiny either for their gestation.

In NICU, EVERY baby is given caffeine, its an adrenaline.  

They are taken off it around 34 weeks gestation but there are terms and conditions just like everything else.  The reason they are given caffeine is because their heart, brain and lungs aren't properly synced yet.  The stimulus,for the brain to tell the heart to pump and keep the lungs filling up with oxygen for the heart to beat through the veins, isn't completely formed.  They need the caffeine as an adrenaline for this to keep working.  Brady's and Desats, the two words i have come to hate but know so much about.  Penelope had a level 4 Brady once, I wasn't there for it but it is a moment in time that froze when I found out.  I nearly lost her when I had her and there was no chance I was going to let this happen again.  

However, caffeine, they need it.  It is based on milligrams per kilo.  It's given in the mornings to get them through the day.  By 34 weeks gestation if they haven't had a brady for 48 hours they come off caffeine, however, they aren't allowed a brady or a desat for 5 days or they will look at going back on it.  It's the longest 5 days because not only are you trying to get them onto breastfeeding you need them to build up to strength to remember to breathe whilst feeding and not get too milk drunk afterwards and forget to breathe.  Which happens, it happened a lot.  Especially in the early days.   Penelope was a sucker for it.  She loved the milk too much and would forget that she needed to breathe.  These days she is still a sucker for food she won't stop eating and she is 9 months or 6 months corrected and only slightly fitting into 00 size clothing.  She is long but still skinny.  I think the 4-5 poos a day she does contributes to that.  So coming off the caffeine is a big hurdle but once you pass it you're on the home stretch!  Whoop, except for getting them on full suck feeds that is the longest process I found in hospital, the longest!

  • Don't quote me on all the medical side of things here, I'm not a professional I just write what I was told and how I interpreted it.  Also, if you are a caffeine sensitive person who is willing it to give up for the 10 months your pregnant go to and check out what you can have because caffeine isn't just in coffee its in a lot of things.  I did !  xx

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