Being A Parent Is Hard

Jul 12, 2016 @ 13:12

Is hard ! Bloody hard ! You have no time for yourself, and that's not meant to be in a selfish way.  Life changes when you become a parent, it doesn't change for the worst or better.  It just completely changes.  Life is no longer about you and your partner.  It is about your children, you never stop thinking about them.  You constantly worry about them.  My hubby worked FIFO for 4 years and missed the first year at home with Isabelle.  He just spent the last 8 months at home working locally and has gone back to FIFO.  His perception on life has changed, we want to grow old together and watch our children grow up.  We don't want to miss out on anything. I have gone back to work one day a week, I have our business Izzy & Peato to run, I have two girls aged 2 & 1 to look after, my back hurts, my eyes are black, my hair looks like shit day in day out, the kids throw tantrums, the washing is folded and in the same spot it was 4 days ago.  I don't want to be that parent who yells at their child for carrying on.  But seriously, after 45 minutes of crying and sooking I've kind of had enough.   My 1 year old thinks it is cool to copy her sister when she throws a terrible twos tantrum.  I mean seriously child you are one, don't start kissing the ground like a star fish and throwing tantrums because if you do, you'll be stopping when you turn 2.

I take the kids to a cafe for a Baby chino so I can pack and send out parcels for the day.  I usually get to about the second last one before melt down stations kick in and the oldies on the table next to me start looking at me like, either take your child home or I will have to turn my hearing aid down.  And yes I have no make up on, hair is tied up not washed or brushed and I can't remember if I showered that morning. Perfume works a treat.

But guess what, this is our life now.  All those beautiful pictures you see on social media, life isn't like that 24/7.  I mean, they are probably the 10 minutes a day we get where everything has fallen into place and we can quickly snap something.  The rest of the time we are playing tea parties, or doing the washing and jumping on the trampoline, changing poo nappies or cleaning up the squished banana out of the carpet, omg the list goes on.  We are parents now, I wouldn't change it for anything but it is fricken hard.  We don't want people feeling sorry for us, we know you are there for us when we need you.  We've got this, it's the best life anyone could ask for.  

Never take it for granted, because one day these babies will be all grown up and moved out to start their own lives and what we have left, will be the memories of tea parties to continue playing out in our heads.

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