A Weekend For Me...

Jun 5, 2016 @ 23:53

My sister turned the big 30 on the weekend, though to me, she will always be my little sister.  

With me living on the West Coast and her in Sydney, seeing each other is nearly a choice of having to remortgage just to pay for the flights over and back.  

I decided I needed a break.  I hadn't done anything for me since I had the kids.  I can actually count on one hand how many times I have been out for dinner with the girls, never been to a hair dresser or even had my nails done.  PARENTHOOD takes over and you actually forget to make time for yourself.  You have to actually sit down and think about when was the last time you did something for yourself.  Other then go get your legs waxed or get the kids minded for an hour to do some food shopping?  I needed a break, and I am just super lucky my husband is capable of looking after the kids for 3 nights.  YES 3 nights away,  lucky we had frequent flyer points because with one main income and my small business only in the early stages, money isn't exactly falling out of the sky.

Leading up I started to get anxious.  I'd never left the kids before, I am still breast feeding Penelope.  I just didn't know how I would go leaving them for more then a day, especially leaving them for 3 nights.  I knew my husband was more then capable, though it's that mother's guilt that started kicking in.  But I had to do it, I needed a break and my sister was turning 30.  Sydney was amazing, they live in Bondi so I was surrounded by the things I love the most, (besides my family).  Great food, great coffee, amazing shops, the markets and the beach.  So I went to the back of my drawer and got out my Victoria Secret Bras with underwire, ain't no maternity bras this weekend. (though halfway through Saturday I was looking for my maternity bras.  The old underwire was a killer on the rib cage).  Found some of my going out tops that I used to wear before kids and packed a pair of heels, oh and makeup, a brush and a hair straightener.  Who was this woman ?  annnnd iI packed the breast pump too.  But seriously, who was this woman?  Two under two, boobs still being drained daily.  It was the best feeling and I was going to enjoy myself no matter what.

It was the best weekend I have had in that long.  My anxiety when I got on the plane left, I missed my kids and husband, but I knew that I didn't need to worry about them.  Everyone says, you need to do something for yourself when you become a parent, and as hard as it is, I totally agree.  I needed 5.  You need to do something for you.  

It's not about having to go back to work for the 'adult interaction', because quite frankly adult interaction can be just as painful as a screaming child at the fridge wanting to eat everything, but won't touch anything.   It was honestly the best spontaneous weekend hanging out with my sister and good friends who I hadn't seen in years.   The body isn't exactly happy with me walking in heels for a 12 hour luncheon/drinking event, though I didn't get a hang over... "UH-MAZING".  The rib cage is slowly forgiving me for wearing underwire and the eyes, well we will get there eventually.

But all in all, after everything we have been through in the past 3 years, I needed the break more then I knew.  I came home refreshed and energised.  

Izzy & Pea is about to go on a journey and there is no turning back.  I have decided to pursue one of my ideas for this business, I will let you all know a little later on. We may be still new, and still learning, and jumping hurdles weekly.  But you never go forward unless you go back, and that is something that has been with me since the NICU days with the girls.  xx


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