2 under 2

2 under 2

By Ally Filinski 

We have always wanted our kids close in age, so with Greg working FIFO we had to work out when the time was right.  I spoke with my doctor and was given the all clear and was told, that because I was exclusively breastfeeding it wouldn't be as easy to fall pregnant.  HAHA First attempt and I'm pregnant.  So it would mean the kids would be 16/17 months apart. PERFECT

Fast-forward to now, I have two perfect kids that are 1 year 1 month and 1 day apart ! Life never goes as planned, does it?  Isabelle isn't walking yet, so she needs to be carried if she doesn't want to crawl.  Penelope, well put it this way, I should still be pregnant with her for another 2 weeks !  The hubby is away at work and my parents have left so now its time for me to fend for myself....

Currently I am drinking 3 cups of coffee a day.  I used to have a cuppa at night and be up all night, now I can have a cuppa and go straight to sleep.  My grey hairs are more prominent and the rocky horror picture show going on under my eyes is winning the battle.  Though I am yet to lose my cool, even tonight when it was a crying match between the two girls for 3 hours.  If you let it get to you, it will.  Being a parent you have to go with the flow, there are going to be days where it's so bloody hard you wonder what the hell where you thinking.  But the times where Isabelle squeals with delight when she sees Penelope and points to her and says 'baby Pea', you forget those moments.  Their bond is already forming, though I do believe they planned that before Penelope was born.  Being a mum to 2 under 2, will have its challenges, there will be ups and downs.  But I wouldn't change it, I sat in Hospital for 16 weeks waiting to bring the girls home, so they can push me to my limits all they want, I am just so grateful that I am one of the lucky ones who did bring my children home.. I have always had the opinion, you are only given what you can handle.

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